For Doctors appointments, you may pre-book routine appointments up to two weeks in advance for ongoing conditions. Otherwise, call on the day you wish to be seen when the telephone lines open at 8.00am.

All appointments with our nursing team are bookable in advance.

You may find that you do not need to see a GP or other member of our healthcare team after all.  This document provides some useful information about other options to seeing your GP.

We now offer a text message reminder service to help patients remember GP and Nursing appointments they have booked in advance.  To access this service, we need you consent to contact you be text and/or e-mail, which you can do by completing this form and handing it in to reception.

Appointments are available all day, with the doctors providing a morning and afternoon session. We are now also open until 8.00 pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening.  To make an appointment telephone the practice on: 020 8397 9494.

From Monday 14th March it will not be possible to book same day appointments between 07.30 and 08.00 am in person at the practice.  The reception desk will remain open to check in patients for early morning clinics, answer general enquiries and make pre-bookable appointments.


For those who prefer to visit the practice in person rather than telephone in the morning you will be asked to pick up a number and take a seat in the waiting room until 08.00 am when it will be possible to make same day appointments.


This is to give all patients equal access to same day booking, whether over the telephone or in person.

You can also register for booking appointments online by completing this form and taking it into the surgery, along with the relevant photographic ID.

The practice has recently reviewed its policy on how you will be dealt with if you are late for your appointment, and also if you repeatedly fail to attend appointments.

To help patients arrive on time, the practice will do the following

  1. For appointments booked in person, and appointment slip showing the time, date and clinician the patient is seeing written down (if requested).
  2. For appointments booked over the telephone, the receptionist will repeat the time, date, location and clinician to the patient. 
  3. For appointments booked online, a confirmation is displayed on the log in page.

The Practice acknowledges that sometimes there are good reasons why a patient is late, for example if they are extremely unwell, disabled, has poor mental health or is very elderly.

If a patient arrives late for a GP appointment, the following procedure will be followed

  • Less than 5 minutes late: The patient is checked in but advised that they may have a shorter appointment.
  • Over 5 minutes late: the patient is offered the choice to either rebook, or wait until the end of the doctors surgery to be seen.

It will be at the GPs discretion how long they see the patient for if they over 5 minutes late.

If a patient arrives late for a Nurse appointment, the following procedure will be followed

  • Less than 5 minutes late: The patient will be checked in but advised they may have a shorter appointment
  • Over 5 minutes late, the patient is offered the choice to either rebook the appointment, or wait until the end of the surgery. Please note that as some nurse appointments are as long as 30 minutes in duration, it may not be possible to be seen at the end of the surgery.

Telephone Consultations
To speak to a doctor we offer telephone consultations each day. To book one of these please call on the day and ask for a telephone consultation.

These telephone consultations are for minor ailments that can be treated and not for repeat prescription requests.