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Changes to the appointments system


Following the results of a recent study we carried out into what times patients want appointments, and when we provide them, we are planning to change the way in which afternoon appointments are booked.  The idea behind this is to stop patients having to call twice in a day to make an appointment, and to make it easier for those who are unable to call during the day.


From Monday 8th April 2013, all morning and afternoon appointments will all be released at 8am, so there will no longer be any need to call back at 2pm if you want to book an afternoon appointment.


This new system will be introduced slowly, so that as many patients as possible find out about the new system.


We are advertising this now so that we can reach as many patients as possible, using this website, a slide up on the screen in the waiting room, posters on the notice boards and advice slips on repeat prescriptions.  We are also updating our patient leaflet to reflect this change. 


If you have any questions about this change, please ask at reception.