Private Letters & Fees

Fees for Private Work

If the form or paperwork that you require is not listed below, please speak to a member of the secretarial team who will be able to assist you.

Letter To Whom It May Concern                                           


Forms for completion (no exam)       


Full copy of medical records


Computerised medical records


OFSTED health declaration form       


Medical examination and completion of form (30 mins)*

(E.g. Taxi Medical/HGV Medical)


Medical report (no exam)     

(E.g. life insurance normally requested directly by insurer)


You can download this form that can be completed and hand it in to the practice if you need any private work completed.

Private referral letters are all free of charge, and can be discussed with your GP during a consultation.

Please click HERE for further information on why some GP work is classed as private, rather than NHS.

Passport forms or photocards for driving licence

Our GPs are not able to sign photographs confirming identity.  Please see the link below for a list of other options:


Confirmation of address

The practice is not able to provide letters to confirm your address as we do not ask for proof of address at the time you register.  We are able to provide a letter stating the date you registered with us and the address you have given us.


Certificates of fitness

Please note that the practice is not able to complete certificates asking for confirmation that a patient can take part in a strenuous or hazardous exercise, or take part in a sporting event.


This is because our doctors do not have qualifications in sports medicine and therefore are not accredited to do so.


We are able to provide you with a copy of your computer records free of charge which you can take to a specialist sports medical provider.


Below are some suggestions of you may be able to get your form completed


Sports Specialists at Pure Sports Medical in Raynes Park

Tel: 020 7118 0184



The Groves Private GP Group, New Malden

Tel: 020 8336 6550